Display from MyMicroGallery - Milan, Italy 2018


For me, Art is a means of exploration and experimentation. I enjoy working with a wide variety of color, texture, and materials. Nature has always been my biggest inspiration and motive when creating artwork. In my mountain paintings, I choose colors that are vibrant and diverse, creating the abstraction and imagination in the paintings. In Nest Invasion, my goal is to bring awareness to the destruction that war brings upon our world and our lives as human beings. In these paintings, I am able to connect my past to every war that happened in history and even today. The masks that I create are influenced by everyday items that I see around me and masks from around the world. I hand felt all of the masks and then go in and sew in the details and designs. 

I am an art educator at two elementary schools. I graduated from University of Missouri - St. Louis with my BFA in Art Education/Studio Art with an emphasis in Drawing.  

If you are interested in speaking with me or have any questions, you may contact me or click below to purchase a work of art.