Throughout history, up until today, war and conflict has corrupted our world. Some of us may be directly affected by war and others indirectly, but we are all affected. My goal is to depict the destruction war brings upon the beauty of our lives as human beings and the nature of the Earth. Coming from an artist who was directly affected by war, I am trying to bring awareness to these issues by showing the physical destruction that war brings upon us. I use bright colors in the landscape to show the beauty of our home, Earth. I then paint military weaponry into the landscapes with a different medium to give a sense that it doesn’t belong. After this, the process of destruction begins. I introduce torn, gun shaped paper into the paintings by placing them into different angles that together symbolize explosions throughout the landscapes and to evoke a stronger emotion from the viewer. By adding different materials into my paintings, I am able to show the contrast between beauty and destruction through these materials.  The transparency of the paper takes the meaning of the painting to a deeper level. Even though we are all affected by war, many people are oblivious to it as if it were transparent while others are affected by it both physically and emotionally.